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Crystal Basics

Choosing a crystal

It chooses you...

More often than not, the crystal you're needing the most will jump out at you. You'll be drawn-in, hook, line and sinker.  

If you're in a store, pick up some pieces and have a hold. What feels good? Do you feel a connection, a warmth or a special energy?

It's okay to not know where to start, it can be overwhelming with the choices and properties available. Don't stress, just pick ones that you can't take your eyes off. There's no right or wrong, purchase what feels good and be guided by your intuition. Just start somewhere, you won't regret it, pinky swear. 


Once your crystal is home, use smoke from a sage smudge stick, palo santo (holy wood) or incense to cleanse. Simply surround the crystal with the smoke and allow it to absorb for a few seconds. This is so it can re-set in its new home with you. You can also place on a Selenite slab for both cleansing + recharging.


Crystals are best placed under a full moon overnight, on a window sill where they can soak up magic moonlight and avoid moisture from outdoors.

Some crystals are safe to be recharged using energy from the sun. Google to find out which crystals can are safe for this. There are also a number of other ways to recharge as google will tell you, but nothing beats the pure divine white light of the Mama Moon.  

Set intentions

Hold your crystal (piece by piece) and set your intentions. Try to be specific, the clearer your intentions, the better the universe and crystal knows exactly how to work with you. What do you want to manifest? What energy would you like amplified? 


If unsure, just hold your crystal, it's that simple. There's nothing more pure and magical than keeping it close and surrounding yourself with the thoughts and the energy of what you'd like to manifest. Many peeps put crystals on their night stand, tuck in their bra, pop in their handbag or place in their sacred space or where they spend most of their time. There are no hard and fast rules, so place your crystals where it feels good. You can also hold during meditation, place beside you during yoga and most tumbled gemstones can be placed in a bath for healing. Be sure to search which crystals need to avoid water before doing this.


Absolute staples for anyone starting out, or for any crystal collection are: Rose Quartz (love), Amethyst (calm), Quartz (healing), Black Tourmaline (protection) and Selenite (cleansing). Get a good piece of each of these and you're good to go in my book. Anything else is delicious icing on the cake. 

LEARN MORE - Energy Muse

There's a world of knowledge about crystal healing which is wonderful, but it can also be unclear as to what's legit. And this is completely unsponsored or unaffiliated, but Heather Askinosie of Energy Muse is the Gem Queen of crystal healing. Hands down. Visit her website to gain more insights and check out her book and videos. You're welcome.

SIDE NOTE - Disclaimer

Crystals can be used as beautiful talisman and natural enhancements that help keep you connected, focused and on-track to do the work you need to do, to get what you want to manifest and to become more aligned with your authenticity. Yes, I believe they are magic and have all special kinds of energy, but the most powerful energy of all, is you. Don't ever forget that. So no, a crystal alone isn't going to save you, your relationship or a crappy situation, but it sure is a positive step towards acknowledging, opening up and connecting to your higher self, so the real work can begin for self-healing and working towards achieving what you truly desire. Crystals should not replace medication or professional/medical treatment for any illness or condition.