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Growing up, all the kids were in their backyards playing and I’d be indoors watching my aunt perform rituals, do mediumship readings and exorcisms.

My Aunt was one of the most respected + well-known healers and mediums in Lao. And when she lived with us, I’d come home from school to a house full of strangers who had been waiting all day long to see her. She’d always ask me to sit in and witness her magic sessions too.

My dad taught me about Buddhism and connection to spirit. My mum taught me about intuition and working with the universe. So I didn’t get outdoors much to run around, make forts or your “traditional” childhood memories. But I wouldn't take any of it back.

For so many years, I didn’t openly express my spirituality. I felt shame, embarrassed and weird. But when it’s so authentic to you, there comes a point where the universe will shake up your entire world in the most dramatic and epic ways, just to force you back onto your authentic path.

And that's why I started up Higher+Self, initially as a small side business online that I would operate from my spare room at home. It was my way of putting out a little light into the world, as well as the beginning of my own self-healing journey of pure self-love and authenticity. And soon came one blessing after another, and in less than 12 months, H+S became my full-time gig, complete with a sweet little H+S Studio to match. Now all I do all day is play with magic rocks and co-create with the universe. I even now get to support others to do so as well, through my energetics sessions. What a dream.

H+S for me is so much more than about selling crystals. It's a lifestyle of consciousness + spiritual wellness, made simple, inviting + healing. It's an offering of light and a studio that holds sacred space.

H+S is for the soul who is open to connecting with their higher self. They're then able to look to my brand for insights, inspiration and empowerment on the 'why', as well as have access to the tools via the shop or studio, to support them to do so - the 'how'.

Thank you for being here, for your support and for being so open to connecting, receiving and hopefully helping to spread more light too. This world needs it now more than ever.

We all in this together.

Soud x